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CUSTOMER: Chastain Residence


Michael Chastain, a homeowner in Maumelle, was looking for a cost-effective way to improve the overall efficiency of his home and lower monthly electricity costs.


The staff of Entergy Arkansas' CoolSaverSM A/C Tune-up Program worked with Chastain to identify and engage a highly-qualified contractor to assess his air conditioning unit and perform a CoolSaver A/C Tune-up. This tune-up helps customers improve the efficiency of air conditioning units and heat pumps. It includes adjusting refrigerant charge to manufacturer specifications as well as cleaning evaporator coils, outdoor condensers and blowers.


As a result of the tune-up, Chastain earned a $175 incentive from Entergy Arkansas' CoolSaver program. In addition, the tune-up reduced Chastain's annual energy consumption by 1,700 kilowatt-hours and cut his annual energy costs by $170. As a result, this project will pay for itself in just six months.

To learn more about the CoolSaver program, contact the Energy Efficiency Solutions Center at 877-212-2420 or visit entergyarkansas.com/coolsaver.


Annual kWh reduction: 1,700

Estimated annual savings: $170

Total incentives paid: $175

Payback period: 6 months

"I have high praise for the cost savings achieved by the CoolSaver Tune-up and the professional expertise of the contractor who performed the service. The CoolSaver program is well worth the cost to the homeowner and provides the continuing gift of lower electrical bills for years to come. I would recommend it to any Arkansan with a central air conditioning system and I know, with assurance, that they will be as satisfied as I am with their results." -Michael Chastain, Homeowner, Maumelle