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CUSTOMER: Little Rock First Church of the Nazarene


First Church of the Nazarene, a congregation in Little Rock, wanted to reduce energy costs and make the sanctuary a comfortable place for worship. To achieve this goal, church leaders partnered with the staff of Entergy Arkansas' CoolSaverSM A/C Tune-up Program and a participating CoolSaver contractor.


After a midsummer meeting in a rather warm sanctuary, church members started looking into ways to increase comfort. The members considered installing a third 25-ton air conditioner but, before going to that extreme, they decided to see if they could increase the cooling potential of their existing equipment with CoolSaver A/C Tune-ups. These tune-ups involve adjusting refrigerant charge to manufacturer specifications as well as correcting airflow and cleaning evaporator coils, outdoor condensers and blowers. This helps improve air conditioner efficiency and reduces the risk of expensive future maintenance.


A CoolSaver contractor performed tune-ups on the church's two 5-year-old, 25-ton air conditioners, correcting major airflow problems and cleaning debris from coils and blowers. These improvements more than doubled the cooling output of the equipment, making it possible to comfortably cool the sanctuary. They also reduced annual energy consumption by 19,200 kilowatt-hours, cut the church's annual energy costs by more than $1,900, reduced wear and tear on the existing system and enabled the church to avoid the cost of installing additional equipment. In addition, First Church of the Nazarene earned a $400 incentive from Entergy Arkansas' CoolSaver program, reducing the cost of engaging the CoolSaver contractor and shortening the project payback period to 7.2 months, which is about the length of one cooling season.

To learn more about the CoolSaver program, contact the Energy Efficiency Solutions Center at 877-212-2420 or visit entergyarkansas.com/coolsaver.


Annual kWh reduction: 19,200

Estimated annual savings: $1,920

Total incentives paid: $400

Cost to First Church of the Nazarene: $1,200

Payback period: 7.2 months