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CUSTOMER: Southeast Arkansas College 


Southeast Arkansas College, a.k.a. SEARK, is a regional two-year college that's committed to improving the efficiency of its equipment and buildings throughout campus. To help meet this goal, SEARK administrators partnered with the staff of Entergy Arkansas' CoolSaverSM A/C Tune-up Program, a local participating contractor and Entergy Arkansas' CitySmart® Program.


The CoolSaver program team, CitySmart team, and SEARK staff worked together to improve water and energy efficiency on campus by:

  • Conducting CoolSaver A/C Tune-ups for 29 HVAC units. These tune-ups include adjusting refrigerant charge to manufacturer specifications as well as cleaning evaporator coils, outdoor condensers and blowers.
  • Replacing existing lighting fixtures with high-efficiency units.
  • Installing faucet aerators that reduce the amount of water used while washing hands.


As a result of its energy efficiency efforts, SEARK earned a $5,150 incentive from Entergy Arkansas' CoolSaver program. This incentive and the resulting work reduced annual energy consumption by 27,166 kilowatt-hours and cut annual energy costs by more than $5,100.

To learn more about the CoolSaver program, contact the Energy Efficiency Solutions Center at 877-212-2420 or visit entergyarkansas.com/coolsaver.


Number of tune-ups completed: 29

Annual kWh reduction from tune-ups: 27,166

Estimated annual savings from tune-ups: $2,716

Incentives paid for tune-ups: $5,150

Total kWh reduction from all projects: 4,232

Estimated annual savings from other projects: $5,174

"We would like to thank Entergy and our participating contractor for providing the CoolSaver program. It has helped us reduce utility costs and save money on labor and maintenance. We are very pleased with the work performed and the quality control effort to ensure correctness." -Ronald Works, Building and Grounds Maintenance, Southeast Arkansas College