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CUSTOMER: Arkansas Teacher Retirement System  


The Entergy Arkansas Large Commercial & Industrial Program helps organizations like the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System achieve significant, long-term electricity savings through the identification and implementation of energy efficiency upgrade projects. Knowing potential savings existed, Property Manager, Dana Gray enlisted the help of the program team to determine ways to reduce energy consumption in the facility's parking garage.


To achieve maximum savings, the program team worked with a local contractor to replace all existing high-intensity discharge fixtures with high-efficiency fluorescent fixtures. Due to advances in fluorescent lighting technology, fluorescent fixtures are now capable of producing the lumen output of HID fixtures while significantly reducing energy consumption - sometimes by more than 60 percent. Additionally, the new fluorescent fixtures brighten the once dim garage, making it safer and easier to use.


The project would not have been possible without a demonstrated annual savings and program incentive that would yield a short payback period. As shown above, replacing the existing fixtures resulted in significantly increased energy efficiency and a quick ROI. Even more important, the savings achieved are equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling 99.6 tons of waste instead of sending it to the landfill, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. 

To learn more about the Large Commercial & Industrial Program, contact the Energy Efficiency Solutions Center at 877-212-2420 or visit entergyarkansas.com/commercial.


Annual kWh reduction: 376,979

Total fixtures replaced: 321

Estimated annual savings: $22,618

Total project incentive: $33,928

Payback period: 7.2 months